Adult Entertainment Digital Marketing

January 24, 2022

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Exotic Dancers and Adult Entertainment Business

There is an adult entertainment scene in the Washington D.C, Maryland and Virginia metro area. The industry generates entrepreneurs and self employment. The dancers perform at restaurants and private events. Follow their Instagram accounts to learn where their next show is.

How to find the scene?

Adult entertainers are bubbling up through their local scenes. The question is, how do customers find them?

Instagram is the most popular choice to find local adult entertainers. Their Instagram accounts share there next events for the week. Restaurants use Facebook to promote late events that have exotic dancers. Search your local area and follow their Stories.
Source: MarketBrewer in La Isla, Manassas Va
Video Creator: MarketBrewer

Private Venue

Local adult entertainers are hosting private venues. There are entrance costs.
Source: MarketBrewer with PTG Entertainment, Upper Marlboro, MD.
Video Creator: MarketBrewer

Digital Marketing for Exotic Dancers 101

Customers follow their favorite exotic dancers on Instagram. Customers also follow the restaurant's and managers who hire exotic dancers.

Business owners connect to their customers with a CRM, a Customer Relationship Management software. Instagram can be used as CRM software for adult entertainers. The adult entertainers collect followers and update them through Posts and Stories. Direct Messages allows to connect with Followers and answer questions.
Source: Vikkie, Upper Marlboro, MD.
Video Creator: MarketBrewer

Exotic Dancer Outfits E-Commerce Store

Adult entertainment fashion designers sell exotic dancer outfits through word of mouth, local venues and E-Commerce websites.  

Instagram Marketing

Instagram provides organic followers to adult entertainers.

Google Ads for Exotic Dancers

Paid Google Ads is available for the adult entertainment industry, also known as Pay-Per-Click PPC. Paid search ads generates new leads and customers. 

Facebook Marketing

Restaurants post their adult entertainment events through Facebook to their followers.

MarketBrewer Photoshoot

Photoshoot from MarketBrewer.