Cannabis Marketing from Washington D.C

February 1, 2022

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Source: Mr Nice Guys, Washington D.C
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Cannabis Business in Washington DC

Washington D.C cannabis legislation is generating business in an federally outlawed industry, this is known as the "grey area" in cannabis business in Washington D.C. On November 4, 2014, D.C residents voted to make cannabis legal under D.C law. The law, titled Initiative 71, states that DC residents can:

• Possess two ounces or less of cannabis.
• Use cannabis on private property.
• Transfer one ounce or less of cannabis to another person, as long as:
  (1) no money, goods or services are exchanged; and
  (2) the recipient is 21 years of age or older;
• Cultivate within his or her primary residence up to six marijuana plants,
no more than three of them are maturing.
Source: Street Lawyer Services, Washington D.C
Photographer: MarketBrewer

Initiative 71 Loophole

The Initiative 71 law indicates that you cannot purchase or sell cannabis. The loophole from the current legislation is that you can purchase a separate item that is not cannabis and be gifted cannabis for free. Through this system, vendors and stores in DC created a Gifting Community.  

Types of Cannabis Industry Businesses

There are two types of cannabis businesses in DC: stores and vendors.

Cannabis Gifting Stores

Source: Street Lawyer Services, Washington D.C
Videographer: MarketBrewer
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The Washington D.C cannabis gifting stores are unique to the city. Inside the stores are walls of cannabis strains. The stores are increasing the user experience every year. Top cannabis gifting stores are:

• Street Lawyer Services
• Mr Nice Guys
• DC 420
Source: Street Lawyer Services Women, Washington DC
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Cannabis Gifting Vendors

DC vendors are the majority of the DC cannabis business. They are smaller stores or are delivery only. There are more vendors than stores.

Instagram Accounts
• @airbud00
• @thehydrocult
Source: @airbud00 Initiative 71 Vendor
Source: @airbud00
Source: @airbud00
Source: @airbud00
Source: @airbud00

Cannabis Edible Gifts

They're are local DC cannabis companies that specialize in THC edible gifts. The popular ones have built a reputation for safe, quality products.

Instagram Accounts
• @dcmotaedible
• @streetlawyer.dc

Street Lawyer Services

Street Lawyer Services is a cannabis gifting store. The store sells legal coupons and gifts cannabis for free. Street Lawyer Services is located at 409 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002. Their website is
Source: Street Lawyer Services Wednesday
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Source: Lonny The Street Lawyer
Source: Street Lawyer Services Woman
Source: Street Lawyer Services, Washington D.C
Videographer: MarketBrewer

MarketBrewer and Cannabis Marketing

MarketBrewer is a cannabis marketer with the cannabis industry clients from Washington D.C.
Source: MarketBrewer with Street Lawyer Services THC hot cocoa gift
Source: Street Lawyer Services THC hot cocoa gift
Videographer: MarketBrewer