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The goal is to find full time position with a company. I am available for part time and contractual work, if that is required.
The marketing campaigns fail when I do not know the service, product, or customer. My reaction is to correct it in the next iteration.
I use Google Data Studio to connect multiple data sources for custom reports that are specific to the marketing campaign performance and goals.
i am at the beginner stage with Google Ad Manager. I worked on teams and marketing funnels with a Google Ad Manager and I was the content creator.
There are only 3 SEO tactics and strategies. Technical SEO, on-site optimization and off-site optimization. Each of the strategies performances should be monitored to determine SEO strategy and tasks prioritization. SEO Optimization is done monthly for each strategy. It is important to leverage SEO tools such as SEMRush, Ahrefs, Google Lighthouse and UberSuggest for error logs and monitoring. The fundamentals of SEO such as keyword implementation is implicit.
Project manager tools and working closely with projects.
As an investment to the role, company and purpose.
For both on and off page optimization, I would suggest focusing on high authority domains to outbound link to and receive inbound traffic from.
Step 1 - Increase Session Duration per User Step 2 - Embed the content that will increase session duration Step 3 - Make the purchasing user experience simple
The first step is to learn the service, product, company, and marketing system. I want to identify unique selling propositions, competitive advantages and available resources.
The algorithm the SEO Specialist reversed engineered from experience combined with Google documentations and Google Search Engine Podcasts. That is what SEO is to an SEO Specialist.
I am looking for a remote position and I am available to travel to the site for set periods of time. For companies in the Washington D.C Metro area, hybrid in office work schedules are considered.