Northern Virginia Music Business

February 8, 2022

Table Of Contents

Local Music Industry

Local musicians perform for bars, breweries and restaurants. Performance sets can be 30 minutes to 2 hours. One performer could be performing the entire night, or multiple performances can be scheduled for the night.

Local musicians' schedules are on their websites and social media. The restaurant, bars and breweries who host the performances have schedules on their websites and social media.
Musician: Torrey B
Filmer: MarketBrewer
Location: Brewery, Sterling Va

MarketBrewer and the Entertainment Business

MarketBrewer is a entertainment marketer and content producer. The music video, Sola, is his latest music video production from Plan Famous. Plan Famous is headlined by Sebastian Winder. His blog, Pendeja TV, has new episodes Mondays and Thursdays.

MarketBrewer uses Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, custom website development and email automation to accumulate listeners and viewers to his client's content.
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Musicians: Sebastian Winder, Valeria
Song: Sola
Content Producer: MarketBrewer
Location: Reston, Va

Local Live Performances

Videos from performances around town recorded with MarketBrewer's camera phone.
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Muscians: Katie and Kelly Music
Phone Recording: MarketBrewer
Location: Bungalow's Alehouse, Ashburn Va
Musicians: Crescendo Studios
Phone Recording: MarketBrewer
Location: Matchbox, Mosaic District, Fairfax, Va
Muscians: Torrey B
Phone Recorder: MarketBrewer
Location: Dogfish Head Alehouse, Fairfax Va

MarketBrewer's Entertainment Marketing Plan

Entertainers can generate and manage clients with a Wordpress website that has Booking, MailChimp integration, SEO and Facebook Ads integration. Facebook ads and SEO generate new leads to Booking or MailChimp email campaigns. The lead will be ready for purchase through Booking or will require additional information to make a purchasing decision through automated email marketing. E-mail automation software, such as MailChimp, provides e-mail design capabilities, email campaign builders for multiple automated email sequence and manages the email subscriber list.

YouTube Ads and Facebook Ads

YouTube ads, Instagram ads and Facebook ads have an ads algorithm that is built from the data collected on their users. The ads algorithm is meant to facilitate purchases or direct traffic.

Musicians want to use the paid ads algorithm to put their music and services in front of audiences who want to listen to it or who are ready to book.
Phone Recorder: MarketBrewer
Location: Lake Anne Coffee House & Wine Bar, Reston, Va
Photographer: MarketBrewer
Location: Sense of Thai, One Loudoun, Va

SEO for Musicians' Website

Phone Recorder: MarketBrewer
Location: The Bungalow Lakehouse, Sterling Va
Musicians' websites with links to Apple and Spotify music increase their SEO. Relevant links to popular websites increases SEO. This connections indicates to the search engine robots that the website should be categorized as a music website. Connecting a website to external websites is called Outbound Links. Integrating a musicians website to popular online music platforms to deliver relevant content increases SEO.

How to Drive Listeners to Music Websites

Having the musician's website link to major online platforms bringing traffic to the musician's website is good for SEO. This actions is called Backlinks. The goal is to get backlinks for websites that are popular and relevant to the audience the musician wants. Target backlinks are local news outlets and popular relevant blogs. What are the most popular musician blogs and magazine? The musician should create a list of popular blogs and magazines and send their content to them asking if they can write a blog for them. When the musician or in-house team member completes their blog or sends the content, ensure that the blog or magazine references the musician's website.
Musician: Ashleigh Chevalier
Phone Recorder: MarketBrewer
Location: Velocity Wings, Sterling Va

DJs and Nightscene

There is a night scene and DJ industry across Northern Virginia. Restaurant bars host events from 10pm - 2am, Thursday - Saturday. DJs and the restaurants promote the events on their social media.
DJ: DJ Zee
Phone Recorder: MarketBrewer
Location: BBB, One Loudoun, Va
DJ: DJ Zee
Phone Recorder: MarketBrewer
Location: BBB, One Loudoun, Va
DJ: Dj Stacks
Photographer: MarketBrewer
Location: Loudoun County, Va