Google Maps SEO

$199.99 / month

Google Maps profile optimization, SEO content upload, profile backlinks and Google Maps strategy.

Google Maps Profile Optimization

Add SEO keywords to Google Maps and Google Business Profiles. Ensures Google Business Profile is configured with search engine optimized settings and keywords.

Google Maps Content Upload

Upload business photos to Google Maps. Provide a folder, website link or social media accounts of business photos to upload into Google Maps.
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Google Maps Backlinks

MarketBrewer adds your logo, company descriptions, SEO keywords, Goolge Maps url, business address and more company information on major backlink platforms.

What are Google Maps backlinks?

When a Google Maps Listing URL is pasted on another website as a hyperlink.

Examples of backlinks

Facebook, LinkTree, SquareSpace, Wix, Wordpress, Instagram, Pinterest, FourSquare, 2FindLocal, Telegram and more.

How are backlinks reported?

Google counts all backlinks and connects them together to determine how to rank a website.

Backlink Deliverables

MarketBrewer provides high quality, trusted backlinks every month while this service is active. Each backlink has a login, username, password and url link for the backlink profile or listing.

An excel sheet is emailed monthly with backlink's:
• username
• password

This is to make updates to backlinks if company information changes.

Google Maps SEO Strategy

A continuous strategy for increase Google Maps ranking and profile credibility.

MarketBrewer SEO Manager Resume

MarketBrewer is a full service SEO Manager, Technical SEO Specialist, Content Creator and Wordpress Developer from the Washington D.C, Maryland and Virginia metro area. Visit my SEO Manager Resume to learn more.
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