SEO Essentials

$999.99 / month

SEO Essentials

MarketBrewer learns business' services, products and goals to create an essential solution for a premium SEO Plan.

Custom SEO Road Map

Custom MarketBrewer SEO strategy created within budget. MarketBrewer evaluates the SEO infrastructure to determine services.

SEO Services Include

1) Backlinks
2) On-Page SEO
3) Internal Linking
4) Tech SEO Audits
5) NEW Pages & Blogs
6) SEO Keyword Density & Placement
7) Image SEO
8) Compression for photos and videos
9) Producing SEO Content
10) Meta optimization
11) 1:1 SEO Meetings & Consultation

Monthly Deliverables

MarketBrewer selects SEO Deliverables for the month according to business goals, requirements and SEO Road Map.

Google SEO Reporting

Reports are with:
• Google Search Console
• Google Business Profile
• Google Analytics
• Google Lighthouse

1:1 Consultation

1:1 consultation that explains SEO core concepts, strategies, and explanation of how business services connect to Google.

Review Terms of Service

Review MARKETBREWER LLC's Terms of Service before purchasing service.
Terms of Services


Through purchasing this product you agree to recurring payments of $199.99 + sales tax from MARKETBREWER LLC.


Communication for this service is through video conference, phone call, group text chat, text messages and email.


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About MarketBrewer

MarketBrewer is a full service SEO Manager since 2019 and has created a proven SEO Essentials plan that increases companies ranking within budget.
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