SEO & Content Production

$3,299.99 / month

SEO and content production.

SEO & Content Production Overview

SEO & content production for a premium marketing service that increases ranking and provides premium marketing content with photos, videos, reels and more.

SEO Service

SEO & content production for a premium marketing service that increases ranking and provides premium marketing content with photos, videos, reels and more.

SEO Services Include

1) Backlinks
2) On Page SEO
3) Internal Linking
4) Technical SEO Audits
5) NEW Pages & Blogs
6) SEO Keyword Density & Placement
7) Image SEO
8) Compression for photos and videos
9) SEO Content Production
10) Meta optimization
11) 1:1 SEO Meetings & Consultation

SEO Google Reports

SEO reports are with:
• Google Search Console
• Google Business Profile
• Google Analytics
• Google Lighthouse

1:1 SEO Consultation

1:1 consultation that explains SEO core concepts, strategies, and how a business connects their website, photos, videos and products to Google.

Google Rich Snippets Service

Provides additional website information to Google about pages, company information, products, and more. Review the Google Developers video for more information.

SEO for Google Maps Listing

Google Maps SEO keyword optimization for business listing. Configures the Google Map listing to be found with target keywords. Uploads business photos photos to Google Maps. Create backlinks to the Google Maps listing.

3 Google Maps Optimization Services

1) Google Maps photo uploads
2) Google Maps Profile backlinks
3) Google Maps Profile keyword optimization

Google Business Profile Optimization

Google Business Profile optimization with posts, photo updates, and profile optimization.

Google Business Profile manager role

Gains Manager Role access to Google Business Profile to

Or, creates a Google Business Profile account through for new businesses.

Complete every section of your Google Business Profile account

Ensure all sections of the Google Business Profile is optimized and complete.

Upload new photos weekly

Update photos weekly to Google Business Profile.

Select primary and secondary categories

Categorize the Business Profile for target searches through Google's primary and secondary categories options.

Publish Google posts weekly

Publish Google Business Profile posts for announcements, offers, events, and products.

Google Profile FAQs

Upload frequently asked questions to Business Profile FAQ section. Use SEO keyworks in the questions and answeres, and then upvote answers.

Collect and respond to Google reviews

Ensure a Google Reviews follow up system is setup.

Add products, services or food menu

Adds products, services, restaurant menu to Google Business Profile and includes the name, description, and price (if applicable). This adds more SEO keywords to rank for.

Set up messaging

This feature gives searchers the option to send a text message to your phone from your Google Business Profile.

Maintain your Business Profile

• Update business information, menu items, products and services.
• Publish posts and upload photos each week.
• Monitor and respond to reviews.
• Stay on top of new features so you can ensure you’re using your profile to its fullest potential.

Content Production

On-site content prodution for photos, videos, reels and aerial drone film and photography.

On-Site Production

3 on-site productions available per month for photos and videos.

Content Deliverables in Cloud Folder

Photos and videos are delivered in a cloud folder.

Instagram Ready Photos

Photos are cropped for Instagram and social media platforms with:
• Square 1:1
• Portrait 4:5
• Landscape 1.91:1
• Reel & Story 9:16

Videos for Reels & Stories

Videos are composed vertical for Instagram and Facebook reels and stories, TikTok, and Youtube Shorts with:
• Aspect Ratio 9:16
• HD 1080 x 1920px

MarketBrewer Resume

MarketBrewer is a full service Wordpress developer and E-commerce developer for businesses, entrepreneurs, musicians, athletes, bloggers, models, club promoters and more.
MarketBrewer Resume

Review Terms of Service

Review MARKETBREWER LLC's Terms of Service before purchasing service.
Terms of Services

Payment Terms

Through purchasing this product you agree to recurring payments of $799.99 + sales tax from MARKETBREWER LLC.

Cancellation Terms

Cancel this service anytime with 14 day notice through email to

Communication Terms

Communication for this service is through video conference, phone call, group text chat, text messages and email.

Permission Terms

You agree to provide MARKETBREWER LLC permission to update, upload, post and manage business social media accounts for this service.