SEO Manager Plan Created from Jorge Giraldez

Reston, Virginia
& Remote
SEO Manager

SEO Manager Overview

Creates and manages SEO strategies to increase website search rankings, increase traffic, and generate leads.

Jorge has a deep understanding of the Google Search algorithm through technical SEO and proven performance reports.

Determine SEO Goals & Priority

Determine the goals and priority to curate custom SEO plan for goals within budget.
Increase organic traffic
Increase visitor time on pages
Decrease Website Bounce Rate
Maximize Page Speed
Strengthen domain authority & backlinks
Increase E-commerce sales
Lead generation
Google rich snippets & schema markups
Optimize internal linking
Keyword research, maintenance and implementation

What Jorge Giraldez Has Done With Client SEO?

Ivy By The Lake, Sterling Va

Jorge Giraldez was contracted to develop the website and perform on going SEO April 2022 until Present.

Technical SEO Connects Websites to Google

Technical SEO scores report page speed, index and crawl ability with Google, and accessibility for many users. Jorge Giraldez developed the Ivy by the Lake website. The Google Lighthouse technical SEO scores above indicate:

SEO 100

These scores are part of the 200 ranking variables for Google. The most important ranking factor according to Jorge Giraldez is content. Connect the content to the customers through Google's functionalities such as schema and rich snippets using keywords is the best strategy according to Jorge Giraldez. The SEO Manager should know the technicalities of connecting content to Google and have an understanding of how the Google algorithm ranks.  An SEO Manager should indentify and index all content through the advanced Google functionalties to be be found on Google and search engines.

Google Search Console Performance Is Important

This Google Search Console report shows the organic website performance on Google for that included the following SEO strategy.
Page title and meta description optimization
Backlinks to local magazines and popular online restaurant platforms such as OpenTable
Optmized page load speed
Google Rich Snippets for LocalBusinsses, Menu, and Events
Google Business Profile Optimization
Google Maps optimization with hundreds of photos uploaded per month.
Google Web Stories with photos and videos from on-site shoots for keywords
Reports for technical SEO, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console 
Technical SEO expertise for accessibility, indexing and crawling

Events Connected to Google Search with Rich Snippets

Jorge connects monthly company events to Google Search with Rich Snippets schema markups. The additional code provides the Google crawler with additional information about an Event. The events listed are the Happy Hour and On Sundays, We Brunch events. The images show the search results with Google Rich Snippet functionality. The Rich Snippets can be added for Events, E-commerce Products, Recipes, Videos, FAQs, and more. Jorge determines the Rich Snippet required for the SEO Strategy and industry.

Local SEO and Google Maps Optimization

Increase in search ranking and credibility on Google Maps and Local SEO through uploading hundreds of high quality photos and videos to Google Maps and Google Business Profile. Each photo shoot generates 150 - 250 high quality DSRL photos and videos.
seo scores

How to begin with Jorge Giraldez as the SEO Manager?

1. Learn and sudit the company's SEO infrastructure for 1-2 weeks, this includes website content, website builder such as Wordpress or Squarespace, Google Search Console sitemaps and Rich Snippets, and more. Review metrics from Google Analytics and all lead generation systems including paid ads, email marketing and social media. 
2. Document the SEO strategies, reports, timelines and payment terms.
3. Begin implementing the plan to increase searchability.